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Tastefully Interactive DJ/MC’s

Our DJ’s don’t just play music from behind the console and sit there like most these days. They are interactive and make a real connection with guests while dancing! Whether it’s encouraging guests vocally or teaching them the moves to a song, Top Dog’s DJ’s are constantly interacting with guests to keep the night and the dance floor movin’!







Wedding Interaction

Dance Instruction, Motivation, and More…

Top Dog DJ’s specialize in interacting with groups of all ages. Your DJ will interact with you and your guests throughout the evening, in a professional non-obnoxious manner. “What is interaction?”, one might ask? Our DJ’s, to your discretion can stay out and about on the dance-floor all night long. You can find us teaching new and old dance moves, motivating the group, passing out Props for special songs, and doing basically anything fun along side you and your guests.





Dance Floor Give-Aways

To add to the excitement already happening on the dance floor we provide fun Dance Floor Giveaways. We include these at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. We will not just throw these items out at your guests at random times; we integrate most of the props & giveaways with many of the popular songs. Of course if these items are something you are not interested in, we can scale back the level to your discretion.














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