Music Pre Requests

Tony’s & Devin’s Wedding

Please send us your song requests and dedications for the event you are attending. We also give you the OPTION to tell us additional information about the song (Click on the song after you add it to the list). You can return to this page and send us as many requests as you would like. Remember that we can't guarantee every song you request, however we strive to play any requests fairly. We will do our best to play your song. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.


  • Find Your Song Choice, Either By Searching By Artist / Title Or Browsing The Popular Lists

    • If Searching: Enter Search Criteria, Then select the "Sort By Artist" or "Sort by title" button, find your song in the results, then click on "Add To Playlist ".

    • If Browsing Lists: Find your song in the results, then click on "Add To Playlist ".

  • • Need To Add A Dedication Or Delete Your Song Request? Click on the song, under "Your Requests", and a window will appear.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the event, you may limited to requesting only a certain number of songs. If so you will see a countdown of songs on the bottom left corner.

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