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Gregg_Pyo_Tera_Nelson_Photography_2013TeraNelsonPhotography73All of our photo booth programs include our signature selection of hand picked properties that your guests can pick and choose from.

Our ever-expanding collection of props that come along with it just add even more fun, laughter, and priceless memories for both young and old alike. They provide a wonderful opportunity for your friends and relatives to┬árelax and loosen up a little more in front of the camera.┬áThe potential for hilarity and great candid images is greatly increased,too! Our signature items include (but are not limited to) over-sized boas, festive hats, large glasses, mustaches and lips on sticks, photo frames and signs. We purchase new and unique items weekly so you can be assured that the variety at your event will be unique. If your event falls around a holiday we also add in themed items that fit that holiday’s colors and them.

Please visit our Photo Booth sample gallery to view just some of the variety of props in our growing collection.



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